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Monday, June 24, 2013

Google is not just Google-but also Comodo Dragon

My computer's memory kept showing up full-physical memory. so I right click the task bar and open task manager. If you look under the process tab-Google Chrome is program to have 13 entries and each entry takes a chunk of memory.I thought Foxfire was bad. I don't think it is worth having Chrome on my computer if it is the one taking all the memory. Don't believe me-check the process tab of task manager and see how many times chrome.exe appears. You can delete any one of them without the computer saying it will make the system unstable. At first I thought is was because I downloaded chrome several times and each entry for was for a separate chrome application. Nope. Take Chrome off your computer via uninstall programs-then reopen task manager-all of them will be gone. Just in case you are interested. I re-downloaded Chrome to see if all 13 will reappear in the process tab-it does-even though you only have one chrome downloaded. Goodbye Chrome If you want something like Goggle chrome without a program having 13 entries. Try Comodo Dragon. It is a cool browser. If you import your stuff from your main browser you have all the stuff your use to in your new browser. Works as good as Chrome-less space. To customize Comodo click the eye in the left hand corner. To log into Comodo use your Google username and password. WARNING I just checked task manager and there are 11 entries for comodo-what is with google and there products. Now it seem kinda pointless. At first there were only 2 when I downloaded it now with all the hidden applications google has it is now up to 11. Guess I will stick with Comodo since it is google. Although I do feel cheated having them take up memory like that.

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