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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So Much for Adsense

I don't think I have the intellect and the stamina to actually learn how to make money off them. Since the day I started this blog I have not made one cent. Oh well, I write because I want to inform and inspire other people of sites I have stumbled across, ideas that I have, or to relate things that work for me, or do not work for me. Losing weight is one of them uphill battles. The first 20 lbs. is easy. After that, it starts to slow down on how much you lose per week. The first 2 weeks of YMCA I lost 23 lbs immediately. Now on week 3, I still exercise every day, accept yesterday. I had one of them Vitamin Waters will on the treadmill and it got me sicker than a dog. The guy over at the next treadmill had the fan on him so his sweat was not only hitting my tread mill but also me. EWWWWWW. Needless to say that was the last straw-we went home early, and I was sick for the rest of the night. My husband gets paid tomorrow so me and my daughter are getting swimsuits. So we will spend 1/2 on the treadmill and the rest swimming, maybe that will speed up the losing weight process. Today we will work out longer and will go to other machines if 'sweaty' is there. Not only does he sweat on you, he grunts as well. Stationary Bikes do not lose calories as quickly as walking. On the bikes going for 20 min. lost 25 calories. Walking on a treadmill about the same time 125 calories. I have the incline to 15% with a mph being at 2.6
This will be my paradise one day:)

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