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Monday, June 24, 2013

Annoying Programs

Have you ever downloaded something you thought would work good on your computer, to find out that it was not. Then when you try to uninstall it-you can't find it in the programs list. This is especially so for RAM programs. The programs that defrag your RAM so you have more memory. When the program I was trying to uninstall did not show up in Mr. Fix-It-I knew there was only one thing left to do. 1.) Find the program file on your computer-this is the file it was originally downloaded to. If you have the computer icon on your desktop-right click it otherwise hit the start button and go down to computer. Double click it-it will give you a list of programs on the C drive. 2.) Double click the Program File (x86) folder. This is where you should find the program-they are listed in alphabetically order. Right click the program you are trying to get rid of. Good down to properties. It will say something like read only. 3.) click the read only so that it is no longer blue. Without doing anything else to the box. Click and drag the folder to the recycling bin. DO NOT CLOSE THE PROPERTIES BOX YET. Use the X the close the box. The file will disappear from the list. Empty recycling bin and restart computer. If you have an icon of the program you will notice that when the computer restarts that it is no longer a program icon but an non useable icon-put that into the recycling bin as well and empty. Puran Utilities is a good free program that has everything you need to keep a computer running smoothly. after deleting the unwanted program run your reg. cleaner so remove all traces from your registry. If it still shows up the the program list when you press the start button-right click and go down to remove from list.

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