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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adsense Challenge Week One

It was suppose to air from 1-1:30pm. Lasted 9 min. and 45 seconds. Feel kind of cheated because I really did not learn anything. It was an overview: Every Tuesday: Is the Adsense Challenge-go to the adsense google+ page and a you tube video screen will appear when it starts. It you missed it-it is on the adsense page-just hit play. Wednesday: they have the Meet the Adsense Community on the same page. Todays session said 11 am-11:30 am but I do not know if it is for Central Savings Time. Guess I will tune in tomorrow and find out Thursday: same page-they have a test your knowledge worksheet-although this week we actually did not learn anything. So this should be interesting. Friday: adsense office hours so you can ask any confusing question that you have. Again the first video said from 11-11:30 am as the office hours but failed to mention which time zones these hours are for. My guess is that they are on the west coast-so it would be 1pm for us here in the CST like it was today. I will check in at 11 am tomorrow and see if it is up and running at 11 am or 1 pm. And those that finish the 10 week challenge gets a t-shirt.

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